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Corgi on Sand

Keeping Your Dog Healthy in the Summer Sun

Corgi on SandEveryone who lives in Miami apartments knows that sun protection is essential for humans. What is often overlooked is that dogs need to be protected as well. After all, almost all breeds of dogs are covered with hair! Isn’t that enough to keep them safe from the blistering Florida sun? It turns out that the answer is “no.” You will need to take some steps to keep your dog from being harmed by the sun and the heat it sends down.

Apply Sunscreen to Sparsely-Covered Areas of the Body

On most dogs, this involves putting it on the nose. It should also be applied to any other area that has thin or no hair, and this means that some breeds need it all over their bodies. It’s important to note that some ingredients of human sunscreen, such as zinc, are toxic to dogs. For safety, choose a product that is specifically made for canines.

Go Ahead and Pick Up a Pair of Dog Sunglasses or a Canine Visor

It may look strange when a dog wears shades, but the reality is that dogs need UV protection for their eyes just like humans do – and the easiest way to provide it is to give your dog a pair of sunglasses. There are plenty of them made in dog sizes. Just make sure that they actually offer UV protection. “Costume” dog glasses are unlikely to provide any practical benefits.

Avoid Taking Your Dog Outside During the Brightest Times of the Day

Avoiding the outdoors during the hottest and brightest times of the day – the hours between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. – is standard advice for human sun protection. If your dog can wait, keep them inside during those hours as well.

Don’t Speed-Walk – Mosey Instead

If it’s your first year in Florida, you may notice that many people walk very slowly while outdoors, especially in the summertime. This is done to avoid overheating. Follow their lead to keep yourself and your dog comfortable.

By following these tips, both you and your dog can enjoy the weather without getting sunburned. To see where you can come home to after your outings, just stop by our office. We’ll be glad to show you our available pet-friendly apartment homes.

Bowl of Berries

Six Summer Salads to Help Keep You Cool in Miami’s Heat

Bowl of BerriesFew things are nicer on a hot summer day than cooling down with a cold beverage and a delicious and nutritious fruit salad. Following are just six of the many scrumptious summer fruit salads that residents of our apartments in Miami can create in their kitchens to enjoy with friends and family.

Melon, Strawberry, and Mozzarella Salad

This easy fruit salad can be assembled in about five minutes. Simply layer pieces of ripe, chilled summer melon with mozzarella cheese. Combine honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon for a delightful variation, and use either sliced or grated mozzarella. Top it off with thick slices of fresh strawberries and add a spoonful of cold whipped cream on top of each serving.

Fruit and Tomato Salad

You can make this fruit salad with pretty much anything you like, but the flavors of plums, peaches, and melons seem to meld best with fresh tomatoes. Use a fresh basil dressing and add a final accent by topping it off with an orange marmalade.

Citrus and Honey Salad

Take advantage of the abundance of fresh citrus available in Southern Florida and whip up a citrus and honey fruit salad. Use orange, grapefruit, tangerines, and mandarins and drizzle them with raw honey and a splash of lemon juice. Use honey that’s been spiced with cloves and cinnamon to give the salad a luxurious accent.

Avocado Fruit Salad

Slice up a couple of avocados and combine them with your choice of fresh fruit and cheese. This is best when tossed with a mint-based dressing.

Basic Berry Salad

Mix up your choice of fresh berries and combine them with sliced cantaloupe and honeydew melon for a quick and easy summer salad. You can drizzle this with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing for a final layer of flavor.

Watermelon and Tomato Salad

This surprising combination is unexpectedly delicious and provides a gorgeous spot of color for your summer dinner party table. Simply slice fresh watermelons and tomatoes, combine, and dress with your choice of vinaigrette.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our apartments in the beautiful city of Miami.

Green Plant

Five Indoor Plants Perfect for Summer

Green PlantLooking to add a houseplant to your interior living space? Following are just five of the many varieties that thrive in apartments in Miami.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is known as the air purifier of the houseplant world. It also thrives in low-light conditions and doesn’t require pampering. The large, dark green leaves have a natural surface gloss and the curved white flowers add classic elegance. Keep peace lilies moist and they’ll do great unless your indoor temperatures routinely reach over 85 degrees.

English Ivy

Although it’s considered an outdoor pest in many parts of the country, English ivy is ideal for most indoor growing situations and adds an accent of timeless elegance to any room. It’s not fussy about light or soil, and, in fact, it seems to thrive when unattended. The only thing it asks is that temperatures rarely rise above 70 degrees in its living environment.


If you’ve got a large, sunny area in your apartment that could use a dramatic statement piece, aloe can grow as high as three feet tall. Its pointed leaves offer a unique, stunning appearance. Aloe also pulls double duty as a medicinal plant — if you burn yourself on the stove, quickly cut off a tip of your aloe plant and hold the inside part to the burn for fast relief and to promote healing. To help this plant thrive, avoid overwatering. Smaller varieties of aloe are also available.

Areca Palm

Another excellent statement piece is the areca palm which can grow as large as seven feet tall, making it ideal for adding a tropical accent to any room. However, if you’d like to keep it smaller, simply leave it in a small pot and it will adjust its growth accordingly. This plant does well in indirect light, so avoid placing it next to a window that gets a lot of sun streaming in. It also prefers its soil on the dry side, so don’t overwater.

Snake Plant

Probably one of the least fussy houseplants available, the snake plant thrives in any household lighting condition and interior temperature. Its upright growth and variegated leaves give it a dramatic appearance.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our available floor plans and amenities at our apartments in Miami.

Pasta and Vegetables

Three Healthy Spring Recipes to Enjoy in Miami

Pasta and VegetablesSpring is an excellent time in Miami to incorporate some healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routine—and what better place to start than your own dining room table? Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant this time of year. Following are just three of the many quick, easy recipes that apartment residents in Miami can add to their home meal menus.

Pasta Primavera

Any true pasta lover will tell you that they’d almost rather give up air than give up a plate of good, well-prepared pasta—and pasta gets a pretty bad rap among those trying to consume a healthier diet. You don’t have to give it up, however. Simply choose a whole grain pasta option and whip up some delicious pasta primavera in your apartment kitchen. It’s easy and quick. Just boil the pasta like you normally would, make a dill sauce using chopped baby dill, lemon juice, and white wine, and lightly steam the vegetables of your choice. Toss it all together, and you’ve got good-health-on-a-plate.

Grilled Blackfin Tuna

Another thing that’s plentiful in Miami in the spring is blackfin tuna. Grilling it is easy. Simply put a couple of tablespoons of sesame seed oil in your favorite skillet, set the burner at medium-high heat, and grill the tuna until it’s how you like it. A good rule-of-thumb is that when the fish flakes easily with a fork, it’s ready for the table. Serve with a freshly tossed salad and a cold glass of white wine for an elegant meal.

Chocolate-Orange Pudding

Be sure to finish off your springtime-inspired main dish with a scrumptious, seasonal dessert. Few things are more quintessentially Florida than ripe, fresh oranges, and you can do so much more with this wonderful fruit than just squeezing it into juice. To make chocolate-orange pudding, simply combine orange zest and some freshly squeezed juice with your favorite chocolate pudding recipe. You’ll need about one teaspoon of zest—a little goes a long way with this ingredient—and two or three tablespoons of juice. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find your personal sweet spot with this recipe.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our apartments in Miami.

Pens and Change

Get Your Taxes in Before April 18!

Pens and ChangeTax time can be great for the people who know they’re getting a big break this year, but a major headache for lots of other people. Chances are if you’ve waited this long, you’re likely not going to be on the receiving end of a windfall this year. Fortunately, due to the calendar this year, tax day falls on April 18 so you have extra time to face the music. To get motivated, use these tips below to get your paperwork in before the deadline.

Think Long-Term

Tax preparers in both the virtual and physical worlds are probably advertising to get your biggest refund ever by choosing them. And it’s true, you need to prepare your taxes in time in order to get the most money back from your returns. But even if you know for sure you won’t be getting a refund and that you’ll have to pay instead, you may have to pay even more should you keep putting it off.

Go Online

Sometimes it’s easier to just do everything online instead of trying to coordinate appointments and schedules with tax preparers in your area. TurboTax is obviously the king, but they’re not the only ones out there. is one of the cheaper versions available, and it’s still fairly simple to use, and H&R Block has their own software available too. However, if you think there’s a chance you’ll get audited, the larger companies like TurboTax offer you audit protection in the event of a pesky visit from the IRS.

Just Do It

Whatever it takes for you to get motivated, you need to do it. Get all your forms together and put on some energetic music. Psych yourself up to deal with numbers and deductions and tiny boxes. Remind yourself that the sooner you’re done, the sooner you can get to that glass of wine as your reward.

If you’re in one of the many apartments in Miami, you have a lot of fun things to do instead of doing your taxes. But you won’t regret biting the bullet, no matter how painful it seems at first. If you’re looking for more space to spread out your paperwork, consider The Modern Miami as your next new home. Call us today to find out more about the floor plans we have available.

Small Red Gift

Getting Your Best Joke On in Miami for April Fools’ Day

Small Red GiftAlthough April Fools’ Day has passed, setting up a good joke on April Fools’ Day is a great way to have fun with friends or coworkers. Although the exact origin of April Fools’ Day is unknown, the tradition of playing pranks on friends and neighbors began around 1700. According to The History Channel, April Fools’ Day may even date back as far as 1582, when France changed from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. People who didn’t get the news of the change as quickly as others were playfully teased because they did not know when the new year had started. But April Fools’ Day doesn’t belong to just one country. Many countries throughout Europe, Asia and the America’s have some type of April Fools’ Day traditions they follow. In Miami, the best way to get your April Fools’ joke on is by stopping in at one of the many magic, gag and novelty gift shops in South Florida.

Miami Magic and Gag Shops

An April Fools’ Day without pranks is like pie without ice cream! Finding the just-right prank or gag gift for friends and coworkers can make the day fun and memorable. Stop over at The Magic Hut on Biscayne Boulevard to find anything from itching powder to golf balls that magically disappear. Just a short drive to Fort Lauderdale and you’ll find The Moon Marketplace. This former sweet shop has plenty of gag gifts, greeting cards and snack worms. And no April Fools’ Day would be complete without a funny t-shirt. Big Frog Custom Shirts in Plantation has a huge variety of funny shirts for the prankster in your life. And if you have a specific idea for something funny, Big Frog will custom make your order in 24-hours or less.

Miami Apartment Living

Miami Apartments offer residents a taste of the good life on April Fools’ Day and every day. Studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans are available to meet your unique needs. Community members at The Modern Miami enjoy a poolside lounge, a rooftop pool, valet dry cleaning, controlled access to buildings, a fitness center, concierge and modern, designer apartment features. For more information about apartment living in Miami, call us today.

Ocean Wave

3 Spring Break Travel Ideas Close to Miami

Ocean WaveWhen it comes to enjoying spring break, being in the heart of Miami makes it possible to simply step outside of your door and to bask in the sunshine. Yet, even when you live in the apartments in Miami at The Modern Miami, you still want to get away for a few days. What should you do for spring break this year when you want to do something interesting in Florida? There are a few things you can do to enjoy every moment of it.

Top 3 Travel Destinations in Florida

Where can you travel to Florida for the best spring break experience? Here are a few fantastic ideas to get you started. Any of these can be the perfect way to start off the spring season.

#1: Hit the Everglades as a First Destination

The Everglades may seem a bit more of an outdoor adventure than you want, but the area has so much to see and experience. A World Heritage Site, there are eight points of entry to it in Florida. For an impressive week, start with the Corkscrew Swamp, it has some of the oldest gold growth cypress trees anywhere. Then, head to Big Cypress National Preserve to see the alligators.

#2: Visit a Beach You Haven’t Seen Yet

Head to a secluded beach, such as Santa Rose Beach or St. George Island for the day. You may also want to check out Caladesi Island State Park. These are beach experiences like no other. While you could be on the Miami beaches, these are a bit more special and less tourism-driven.

#3: Do a Food Tour

You have options here, too. The St. Augustine food tours are very well known options, for example. You can also do a wine tour – which most cities in the area offer. You can visit Orlando or Coral Gables.

Explore It All Close to Home

With our Miami apartments so close to everything there is to do in Florida, a spring break trip doesn’t have to be hard to plan. If you’ve thought about the benefits of living this close to it all, give our team a call. Find out which apartments are available at The Modern Miami right now.


2 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

ShamrocksSt. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a party. From shamrock-inspired crafts for kids to green-tinted beer for adults, there are many fun party ideas to keep your guests entertained. Here are just a few simple ideas on how to turn your Miami, Florida apartment into an Irish-themed party destination.

Shamrock Soirée

The shamrock is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day symbol. To throw a shamrock-themed party, decorate with store-bought decorations or create your own. Make shamrock banners out of green construction paper and a centerpiece by filling a green top hat (leprechaun hat) with gold coins, green candles or a green flower arrangement.

Create a menu of shamrock-inspired foods such as homemade shamrock shakes and decorated cupcakes and cookies. If you’re inviting small children, consider providing the materials to make a few simple St. Patrick’s Day crafts. Be sure to mention in the invitations that costumes are optional but encouraged.

Leprechaun Luncheon

Invite friends and family over for a leprechaun-themed luncheon. Purchase or make your own décor using items from around your home. For example, cut tiny footprints out of vinyl and adhere them to the floor to make it look like a leprechaun has been running around indoors.

For your St. Patrick’s Day menu, try and stick to the classics. Homemade corned beef with hearty vegetables is always a hit. As an appetizer, try scones with Irish cheddar, pears and honey. Irish soda bread with raisins and caraway seeds can accompany your lunch. For dessert, serve Lucky Charms treats or a mint chocolate chip cheeseball.

It doesn’t take the luck of the Irish to organize an epic St. Patrick’s Day party. With just a few decorations, a tasty menu, and a few activities, you can put together a party that will entertain guests of all ages.

The best place to host a St. Paddy’s Day party is in one of our beautiful Miami apartments. These pet-friendly apartments offer everything you need to organize and host the perfect party, from fully-equipped kitchens to spacious living and dining rooms. To see what floor plans are currently available, contact our office today.


Don’t Forget to Spring Forward!

ClockIt’s that time of year again – while you’re sleeping in one of your luxurious Miami apartments Sunday morning, your clock will be jumping from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. in the blink of an eye. You won’t realize it until you’ve turned over and your body starts screaming you need more sleep. For many, that’s the dismal beginning of daylight savings time.

What Exactly is Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight savings time is when the clocks spring forward one hour, giving everyone a little bit more daylight as the evening begins. Initially created to cut energy costs, it is advantageous for sporting events, practices, and workers who crave a little bit more daylight once the workday has ended. Interestingly enough, there are parts of the U.S. that don’t follow daylight savings time, but in Miami, it works well. Consider it extra time to hang out at the beach, lounge on your patio, or celebrate with friends.

Living at The Modern Miami

Enjoy an upscale experience with unobstructed views of downtown Miami! You get to enjoy breathtaking sunset views from the rooftop, take off the chill with the modern outdoor firepit, and get in shape at the fitness center. There are several floor plans to suit your lifestyle, with controlled access, online rent payments and service requests, a concierge, valet dry cleaning and more. You’ll never have to leave home – if you don’t want to.

Imagine this, downtown Wynwood nightlife, easy access to popular eateries, upscale shopping venues and every convenience you can think of – right in your own building. Have a pet? No problem! There’s a dog park onsite, and you can have two! There’s so much you can do at The Modern Miami, you’ll be glad you’re one of the residents that call this space home.

Here’s your chance to embrace the true meaning of daylight savings time. Whether you’re still out on the town or leaving the club when the clock strikes two, you’re eventually going to feel it. Take a minute to savor Miami, Florida and all it has to offer. At The Modern Miami, there’s nothing but ultimate relaxation. To see what amenities, floor plans and convenience are nearby, give us a call today!


How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

CatOur pet-friendly Miami Apartments at the Modern Miami go the extra step to ensure that pet owners and their furry friends are happy, which is one reason why we have an onsite dog park. While we can provide pet-friendly amenities, only you can take the proper steps to be a responsible pet owner.

5 Key Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

  1. Choose the Right Pet: If you’re away from home for extended periods, you should opt for a pet that doesn’t require more care than you can provide. For example, cats are fine being home alone, but dogs — especially large ones — require a lot of attention and exercise. Choose your furry friend according to your ability to commit.
  2. Commitment Concerns: Whether you have a dog, cat or both, be sure to provide them with adequate daily exercise and stimulation. Indoor pets love toys, and entertained dogs tend to bark much less when occupied. Be considerate of your neighbors and get some toys, leave the TV on Animal Planet and be sure to take Fido outdoors before you leave home.
  3. Follow Community Rules: If your pup poops, you must scoop! Feces can carry serious, life-threatening illness, and there’s nothing more unsightly than abandoned poop on the ground or on the bottom of your shoe. When outdoors, always leash your pets as required by law. Avoid leaving your pet on the patio barking or mewing for hours on end, as most Miami apartments enforce noise restrictions.
  4. Training and Socialization: This primarily applies to dog owners who can avoid irritating neighbors by having a well behaved pet and one who interacts well with others while playing or taking walks.
  5. Financial Considerations: Beyond the cost of food and toys, pets can be costly when it comes to medical and preventive care. Your pet should at minimum have core immunizations, receive flea and tick prevention, be properly registered with the city and wear an ID tag. It’s also a good idea to have your pet spayed or neutered and implanted with a microchip so they don’t get lost.

Looking for pet friendly apartments in Miami? Our office is open seven days a week to answer your questions and to schedule a tour of the property at your convenience. Call today and learn more about our floor plans and amenities at The Modern Miami.

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